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From the middle of the world to your door, we are the best floral wholesaler in the market with over 96% customer satisfaction and freshness always guaranteed. 
Magnaflor brings you roses directly from the farms, always cut on request, which guarantees the enhancement and uniqueness of all your events. 
From weddings to all kinds of celebrations, you will always have exclusive arrangements and beautiful decorations thanks to our select catalog of Ecuadorian flowers, worldwide recognized  for their size and vase life. Several awards make our products always enhance your celebrations, no matter how small or big they are. 
Magnaflor wants you to stand out and be marked in the memory of guests and acquaintances, that’s why we offer you direct shipments to your door in the shortest possible time, seasonal prices and the possibility to join to our exclusive benefits program, with permanent discounts and many additional surprises. 
Roses meant to fulfill every required occasion with incomparable freshness and special prices always. Exclusive products and variations found only in Ecuadorian soil make Magnaflor your best choice for your business 
Infinite possibilities of decoration are born with our extensive combinations of tinted roses, exclusive gifts are made eternal with our collection of preserved roses, whose duration can last up to 5 years. 
Seasonal roses create unique environments with our spray roses, garden and seasonal collection, obtaining unique moments according to each trend of floral design mixed with your personal touch
With Magnaflor you always have fresh flowers, with delivery of direct door and free national shipments in orders over $ 99  

Sue R.

“We ordered roses for a fundraiser last year from Magnaflor and it was a great success. The roses were gorgeous! This year, not only are we doing it again, but I passed along the information to one of the other business units and they ordered roses, too.”


“I love that they come straight from the farm everyday. I believe we are going to have a long relationship. Thank you so much!”

wholesale roses

Reprogram your mind, it’s time to think big.

A specimen that has no comparison in quality,freshness, life time and especially for its large Bloom size.

Ecuador is known for growing the best and biggest roses of the world thanks to unique enviromental and geographical conditions.

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