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Ecuador is able to produce Roses with supremely larger rose buds (over 2 inches), compared to roses from Colombia, Holland or Africa.


Thanks to the growing conditions, Ecuadorian roses are so strong that will remain fresh for a longer time, between 8 and 20 days, compared to roses from other countries.


Ecuador farms are able to produce roses with intense and vibrant colors like no other country. This is possible thanks to the cold weather and quality of Ecuadorian soil.




Customer Testimonials

Woman arranging flowers

I ordered the blush colored roses from Magnaflor and they were beautiful! Had a sweet romantic, vintage feel to them.  They also were delivered when they said they would be in time for Valentine’s Day.

Rachel French / Jonesboro, Georgia

Thank you for your response regarding early delivery. and
I am very pleased with your business as a first-time customer. I will certainly order in the future and recommend to others as well
I look forward to ordering again- the roses were beautiful and arrived as perfectly depicted in the website photo.

Margo Coon / Rancho Santa Margarita, California

That is so awesome! Thank you so much for understanding and for your amazing customer service! I will send the amount along with copy of their bill for your records when it comes in.
I can always count on you and Magnaflor for the absolute best customer service and products! You folks are never getting rid of me unless of course I stop doing flowers lol.

Cheryl Sawyer / Flowermepretty LLC.

Magnaflor, thank you so much for the “BEAUTIFUL” roses the colors, quality and size is super!! Will definitely order from you and will recommend you to all my fellow floral designers and customers.

Angelica García / Irvine, California

I ordered 200 roses for a special event from Magnaflor, first time customer. I was nervous, never haven’t dealt with them before and with it being a special event we needed them delivered on time without any problems. I could NOT have made a better choice. The delivery was on time, as schedule and the roses were absolutely gorgeous. I was expecting to lose a percentage of the order, nature of the business, and ordered to accommodate for that, but not with Magnaflor, all 200 roses were perfect. I therefore had a dozen to keep for myself, it has been 6 days since they were delivered and they are still gorgeous! I could not have been happier. The customer service from the initial order to their quality assurance follow up was outstanding! We needed to take delivery a couple of days prior to the event due to the event being out of town and having to travel. As soon as I mentioned this they offered advice on storing to keep them fresh. I shopped around everywhere online and local. Their selection and pricing could not be beat, then add in the quality and customer service…I’ll give them a rating of 15 out of 10.  I will be back again and again!

Shelly Devillo / Hartselle Alabama

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Handmande by one of the most talented jewelry designers of Ecuador: Heidi Franco

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*Price match guarantee applies for roses only, in order to apply to our price match guarantee, the customer must prove that the roses are from ecuador and in the quantities that we provide in our website. Restrictions apply