Pink Flowers

When you are trying to find the best symbol of young love and happiness, pink flowers are the best option to you. You can see around the world, that this flower is perfect for weddings, anniversaries and engagements. It has a lot of varities, from lilies and allium to orchids and dahlia. The representation is related to new growth in nature and spring.

It is avaliable all the year and it can vary from pale pink for spring bouquets. The color is related to women for the strength that she has. Also, it has feelings of affection and platonic memories between friends and familly. The first common name of pink flowers are Achillea. The varieties of this flower is really high, with more than ten species on it.

We work with big farms from Ecuador, with a high quality of each flower. So, let’s see our products and enjoy the best options to you.

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