DIY Modern And Minimal Flower Arrangements

modern floral arrangement

DIY Modern and minimal flower arrangements



What am I going to need? first of all colect everthing you need.


  • 25 stems of Orange roses (Movie Star), the Movie star rose you will find on the website of Magnaflor. The Movie Star rose has abundance petals on the bloom. Fresh salmon orange rose or deep coral-peach. For many the color orange is the color of desire!
  • Wood base
  • Decorative Stone
  • Floral Foam bricks; floral foam extends the life of your flower arrangements by giving them a reliable and steady water source.
  • Garden scissors
  • Knife

Now get creative!!!!!!!!!

First step:  place water into the floral foam. You must resist the attraction to crush or press the delicate foam in its dry state. The air-filled cells crush easily, and the water-holding capabilities of the foam are destroyed when the foam is compacted. You must thoroughly hydrate your floral foam before working with this material!

Second step:    The foam brick you bought probably won’t fit into your wood base; you must carefully cut it to fit.

Third step: Cut the stems in the stem length you wish. Cut the flowers at an angle, so they can uptake more water from the foam.

Fourth step: place the first stem in the center and place the rest of the stems in a way to complete the center piece. Do not pre-poke holes in the foam for easier insertion of weak flower stems. This will result in poor stem-to-foam contact.

Fifth step: Fill in center square of the wood base with flowers.

Sixth step: Fill in the ends of the wood base with decorative little stones. Cover the foam with the rose leaves.

Don’t forget the put water into the foam after the arrangement is made each 3 – 4 days. This will increase the vase life of your roses.

And there you have it!!

Tips with love 🙂

3 thoughts on “DIY Modern And Minimal Flower Arrangements

  1. Federico plascencia says:

    Hola buenas tardes me gustaria saver si venden Rosa’s preservadas y en cuanto sale cada una por mayoreo y si las mandan a bend Oregon usa gracias

    • Sofia says:

      Hola Federico, espero que te encuentres bien. Seria un gusto poder ayudarte con tus requerimientos. Por favor dejame tu mail, para poder ayudarte. De seguro te podemos ayudar con las rosas frescas y preservadas en Bend, Oregon.

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