How To Create Small Rose Arrangements

create an small floral arrangements

Some design experts say that less is more and in some cases they are right, specially when we talk about roses, roses itself are so complex and beautiful that most of the time, depending on what is your design still or what are your goals, can work perfectly in a floral arrangement with nothing more than a base and water. In this tutorial we will show in a few steps how can you create an small rose arrangement, using premium fresh flowers that could cost you over 60 dollars in your local flower shop.

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Materials for your arrangements

  • Bulk of 25 light pink roses or the color of your preference. Order roses used in this tutorial here
  • Rubber Bands
  • Scissors or floral clippers
  • Vase, you can use either transparent or colored vases that you have at home.


Hot to make your small rose arrangements

Follow simple steps in the next video and enjoy!



Pro Tips

This tips to create your arrangements is not mandatory but are highly recommended by our floral design experts

1. Hydrate your roses before making the arrangements

smal rose arrangements

Hydrating roses for a period of 4-6 hours will make your roses look even better, so as soon as you get them, put them in a bucket of water for 4-6 hours, make sure that no leafs are below the waterline to avoid bacterial infections.  In this stage, you don’t have to remoce the plastic pre-cardboard wrap of the roses.


2. Cutting your Rose’s Stem

small rose arrangements

By cutting the stems at 45 degree angle you are giving the roses more surface to absorbe water, this will keep your roses with a high stare flow and will look beautiful and your small rose arrangement will last longer.


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