Why do girls like flowers so much?


Why Do Girls Like Flowers So Much?

Girls belong to a totally different universe from men and each one of them is a world apart. Her tastes range from the simplest to the most bizarre… Because there are millions of varieties and tastes like there are millions of women in the world, but they all have something in common… They all love flowers.Why?  There may be many reasons, but definitely if your mission is to conquer the heart of that special girl, we tell you that with flowers you have a 100% chance of getting into those intense feelings and depths of her heart. Let’s get to know other reasons why you should definitely send flowers this Valentine’s Day.

Here are some things to discover about flowers:

Flowers: They are Plenty of Symbolism


It is incredible to appreciate beautiful flowers, each one with its unique shape and colors that surround us with their magnetism. They are all so full of meanings, each variety has its own language and in this way they transmit a different message for each occasion. For example, sunflowers connect us with the beauty of simplicity, with the innocence of a smile.

  • Carnations have different meanings depending on their color.
  • White carnations, for example, represent peace and purity.
  • Red carnations means sincere love and pink carnations indicate friendship or motherly love.
  • Calla lilies are considered the flowers of purity and compassion and represent beauty, although they are also considered to bring luck. But without a doubt we all know that the prettiest flowers and the favorite option are roses, if you want to express love, red roses are the perfect choice.

Flowers: They are Absolutely Romantic

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Flowers have extraordinary romantic energy. Their presence in any room space means remembering the context and exact moment in which they were given. Admiring its beauty or exhaling its aroma is enough to return to that magical and special moment.

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Flowers: They Speak for Themselves


When you send flowers you don’t need to say anything else because they speak for themselves. When you deliver flowers it implies that someone is very special to you. Flowers say I love you, I admire you, I miss you, I appreciate you, I’m sorry etc. And beyond the varieties of flowers that hold great symbolism, there is the psychology of color:

  • White roses meaning The white color represents the pure and innocent, as well as cleanliness, peace and virtue.
  • Red roses meaning Red is associated with stimulation, passion, strength, revolution, virility, and danger.
  • Pink roses meaning Pink is a color with well-defined attributes: it is the color of sweetness, delicacy, friendship and pure love. Our cultural heritage also associates it with the power of female strength.
  • Yellow roses meaning It is usually related to happiness, wealth, power, abundance, strength and action.
  • Black roses meaning This color has been culturally associated with dark and negative meanings. But today all that has changed and there has been room for new ways of seeing the mysterious as something different, formal, powerful and sophisticated.

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Flowers: They are a Tradition for Love


There are many traditions that will be lost but men still send flowers because you are deeply in love with an open heart to express feelings.So why not deliver flowers to your girl? It is a sign of love and affection since our first start on earth with Adam and Eve until the history that lasts until to this day. Send flowers online is simple with magnaflor, the friendliest platform to buy flowers online.