Valentine’s Day History


Valentine’s Day history starts with Saint Valentine.

Saint Valentine was a priest of the Catholic Church who risked his life to marry Christians and all couples during the time of persecution, and then gave them flowers. He was arrested and sent by the emperor to the prefect of Rome, who upon seeing that all attempts to make him renounce his faith were ineffective had him beaten with clubs and then decapitated. Saint Valentine is patron saint of marriages and lovers.Saint Valentine risked his life to marry Christians and all couples in love and then gave them flowers. While black roses and buying roses online did not exist then, the power of flowers centuries ago is quite clear.

Valentine’s Day History

The emperor Claudius II, led by his anger against the Christians, issued an order by which all had to worship the 12 deities of the Empire. Whoever did not do it, would suffer martyrdom.The emperor even banned marriage! He did not want weddings because he needed single soldiers to defend the wide spaces of his empire.Faced with these inhuman circumstances, Saint Valentine, Priest and Bishop of Interamma, was not afraid to confess himself a believer, and seeing such a need to bless the holy unions, he secretly celebrated marriages for young lovers. Ultimately, this decision would lead to his death.Claudius II and his police watched his actions, and knowing that he was not worshipping the Roman gods, they sent him to a slow martyrdom by beating and decapitation.Honor this rebel Saint, who put everything on the line for love, by showing the one you love you care by purchasing wholesale bulk flowers at anytime of the year! We provide roses fresh and countless other farm fresh flowers just for you!

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