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Bulk Roses Care

Instructions For Bulk Roses Care

Bulk roses care is critical for getting the most from your bulk roses purchase. It is our pleasure to provide the following instructions for bulk roses care.

Step 1: Open the box without hurting the roses.

Step 2: Remove the plastic around the roses, keeping the cardboard wrap on.

bulk roses care

Step 3: Cut 1 inch of the stem at an angle, rather than straight across, allows for greater surface area and a corresponding increased water uptake.

Step 4: During the shipping the flowers will be sleeping due to the cool chain of exportation. On arrival put the flowers as soon as possible in water with the cardboard wrap on. Due to the absorption of water and temperature change, the flowers will extend. Keeping the cardboard on; the flowers will extend with a straight stem.

Step 5: Add floral food into the water; let the flowers absorb the water for several hours. In case you don’t have floral food; you can use a teaspoon of sugar.

Step 6: After letting the flowers absorb water for several hours; remove the cardboard around.Flowers directly from the farms have still their protecting exterior petals around; in the retail they plug them out. These petals are normally harder and darker due to the sun during the growing process of the roses.

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