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Buy Roses In A Box

Buy Roses In A Box, A Profitable Business Roses in a Box, is a trending type of arrangement, over the last years this trend as significantly gained popularity in social media, If you are thinking to buy roses and on boarding this very profitable business you want to make sure to get the most premium […]

White Roses, What’s Their Meaning And The Best Varieties

White Roses, What’s Their Meaning And The Best Varieties White Roses are a sign of purity and sophistication. White roses are very popular in Weddings.  One of the most popular rose for weddings is the Vendela variety. The Vendela Rose has a champagne ivory color with a hint of pink on the petal edges that will […]

Red Roses

Red Roses, the roses of love

Red Roses The Meaning Red roses are the sign of love and desire, a red rose evoques passion and seduction, it’s an universal icon for love and it’s the favorite rose in Valentine’s Day. Giving Red Roses to somebody is a strong way to say I love you. Every color have psychological influences over the people; […]

Long Stem Roses, Tallest In The World

LONG STEM ROSES, TALLEST IN THE WORLD Have you ever heard of roses that have a stemlength of 4.2 FEET or longer? These gorgeous long stem roses roses you will only find in Ecuador.   In Ecuador there’re over 300 varieties of roses but a few have the privilege of having really long stems. For […]

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers Wedding Flowers, if you are responsible for the Flowers of a wedding, you have to ask yourself for what kind of bride am I making the arranging of flowers.  The Wedding Flowers have to reflect the person that is going to carry the flowers. You can find some inspiration talking to the bride […]

How To Arrange Fresh Flowers

How To Arrange Fresh Flowers How to Arrange Fresh Flowers? Be creative and arrange your own flowers! Make a bouquet to impress. Mix and match your fresh flowers.     Be creative and arrange your own flowers! Make a bouquet to impress. Mix and match your fresh flowers. First of all ask yourself what kind […]

Rainbow Roses

rainbow rose, multicolored rose petals

Rainbow Roses Rainbow Roses are tinted roses that have petals that are artificially tinted. Each petal is tinted by absorbing the tinted water.  This method changes the rose’s natural processes by which water is drawn up the stem. By splitting the stem and dipping each part in different colored water, the colors are drawn into […]

Roses Delivery

Roses Delivery Roses delivery is a great deal! Consumers are starting to become aware of where their flowers come from; nowadays they prefer to buy their flowers from growers. It is not only cheaper but also fun. People rather support flower growers through buying directly from the grower. With Magnaflor you can buy your flowers […]

Rose Color Meaning

Rose Color Meaning Rose color meaning, get to know the meaning of the colors of the roses. Learn about rose color meanings send the right rose to that special someone.  The colors have also psychological influence, they can influence your state of mind, and some colors can bring joy into your life. Roses can be […]

Cheap Roses in Bulk

Cheap Roses in Bulk, Where To Buy Them? Cheap roses in bulk? There are several benefits of buying bulk flowers.  If you buy large quantities, roses are always cheaper, in comparison of buying flowers from a florist. There’re certain benefits if you buy flowers from a wholesaler or grower. For example you will receive fresher […]