Rose Meanings

Rose Meanings

Did you know that roses have different meanings?

In this blog I will explain you the different rose meanings and the best ocassions to give them as presents.

Many people love roses and buy the color that they want. But, it is important to know their meanings. For this reason, is better to learn the meanings and give more significant presents to produce a better emotional reaction. Traditionally the roses are know to be the flowers of love, Nevertheless, the meaning can change by itss color, variety and number of roses given. Let’s check the rose meanings.

Rose Meanings:

Red Rose: The red roses are known for their love meaning because conver deep emotions.  Also, they can simbolize respect abd devotion. Normally when you buy red roses, the most common bouquet are the 12 roses. If you are planning to give more than 12 roses to your significant other, that will be a huge representation of love and respect. Try surprising your beloved with our special 1000 red roses packYellow Rose: This bright roses represent friendship and caring. This color of rose evokates the image of the sun, warmth and joy. For this reason, if you have an special friend that you’ll like to surprise them you can give them a bunch of yellow roses. Make your friendship stronger with beautiful. White Roses: White is a color known for representinf purity and innocence. The white flowers represent new begginings and is commonly used as decoration in weddings. Also, white roses represent peace, so if you recently fought with someone, what a better way to stop a disccussion by giving white roses. Orange Roses: The orange roses represent passion and energy. Technically, orange roses are the competition of red ones because this flower also express an intense desire and pride. Before giving red roses that represent love you should think if you want to evoke passion and pride instead. Pink Roses: OMG where I can start because there is a huge variety of pink roses. We have from light pink roses to hot pink roses, it will always depend the intensity of message that you want to show by giving pink roses. The color pink reflect gentle emotions like joy and gratitude. The beutiful colors also show grace and elegance. Blue Roses: Blue roses are not natural, we can offer you fresh tinted roses, in this case with blue tint. Because they are not usual and natural, they evoke mistery. Since this flowers are so rare normally they are given to impossible loves. Roses can have many different meanings. We are a wholesale flower company and we want to offer you the best selection of flowers.

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Credits: Paola Mejia