Give Your Roses Extended Life


Turning Old Roses Into Elegant CandlesEach year around Valentine’s Day

Hundreds of millions of flowers are exchanged back and forth between lovers, friends and family members. After a few weeks, however, those hundreds of millions of flowers begin to wilt and people are left with a mere memory of such a thoughtful gift. So, what should one do with those fallen petals? Put them in a self-made candle so you can continue to enjoy them. Not only is this a great way to preserve the smell of the deliciously delicate roses that you have received, but it’s a great way to give extended life to the gift you have received and even regift it back to a loved one.Gather the IngredientsIf you’ve ordered or received bulk flowers from Magnaflor for Valentine’s Day, then you’ve probably got a lot of petals lying around right about now.

If you didn’t and you simply want to enjoy the fun of DIY candle-making, then you can order bulk roses online easily and choose a special theme to complement the candle. Solar system roses, black roses, and spray roses are all great choices for including in a candle. To begin creating your luxurious rose-scented candle, you’ll want to gather those petals up and place them to the side. Now, you’ll need soy candle wax (one pound will make about two 10-ounce candles), the cutest candle jar or tin you can find, candle wicks and essential oils. While the idea is to preserve the natural scent of your roses or other flowers, adding essential oils such as rose oil can actually increase the health benefits, such as reduce stress and anxiety as well as relieve tension from migraines or menstrual cramps.Make the CandleOnce you’ve decided on the best type of flower to use, you’ll be able to begin making the candle. Secure the wick to the bottom of the jar by melting a bit of wax and holding it down until it dries. You’re now ready to melt the soy candle wax. It’s easiest to do this with a double boiler or by melting the wax in a bowl that’s placed over a boiling pot of water underneath it. Once it’s melted completely all the way through, remove it from the heat and let it cool for just a few minutes to avoid burning and smoking the essential oils. Now, it’s time to add any extra essential oils you might want to add to enhance the scent. Then, you’ll finally be ready to add the main event: your flower petals. For a special touch, try using black roses from Magnaflor.

The Pluto Rose Airbrushed Tinted roses are absolutely stunning and will add a unique creative effect to the outsides of the candle. Mix them into the wax but be sure to stick them onto the sides of your jar for added elegance and designer style. Once you’ve arranged the petals onto the sides of the jar, add all of the wax and let it cool completely. Now, light it and enjoy!Giving Extended Life to Wholesale Roses Whether you give or receive bulk flowers, it’s a rewarding experience and personal touch that goes a long way. Learning how to give extended life to your bouquets is easy. Turning them into elegant rose-scented candles that you light on your next anniversary or a gift to the friend or family member who gave you the bouquet is a great way to enjoy your flowers long after they’ve been gifted, and that’s extra special.Credit: Cassie Steele