The really meaning of the flowers


Did you know that the history of flowers dates back to ancient Greece?

It was there that they made themselves known and their meanings and uses were implanted. From there on, the West took that knowledge to stay to this day.Thus it is known that each flower has its particular meaning, we can express feelings that we may not do with words. Thanks to them the language of love speaks for itself, without saying a word it is possible to establish very strong bonds of love and even friendship or admiration.No matter what its shape, color, packaging, whether it is alone or in a cluster, if it is a garden rose or an arrangement carefully designed by an expert florist. They all express an intrinsic feeling.For example, the rose is the flower par excellence and is the most purchased among florists for weddings, social events, birthdays, or as a simple color defines you?Red Rose: its universal meaning is love, passion, love, friendship. So by giving a bouquet of 12 red roses we are confirming our desire for marriage.White Rose: Without a doubt, listening to white, we think of peace and tranquility, so it also simbolices a love that is pure and for a lifetime, reflects an innocence and purity of heart.Ideal to give to a loved one who is sick as a sign of affection and desire for recovery. Lavender Rose: Love at first sight, a crush of love and deep crush. Yellow Rose: sunlight, joy and energy that overflows a teenage love. On the contrary it also has a not very friendly symbolism such as jealousy.What feeling do you want to express?blog-valentin-2Flowers to Fall In Love To fall in love with nothing more successful than roses, but certainly they must be red roses because as you saw earlier, not all colors say the same. It transmits the romanticism with a bouquet of Freedom Rose, radiates passion and causes a unique effect.Or perhaps a bolder tone that conveys a vibrant energy like a Impulse Rose. Flowers are Passionate. In the same way the synonym of passion is the color red, but here we can be more creative since what we want is to convey a message that arouses passion, so we can use red petals in the bed or in the bathtub, this is certainly a Very powerful hint.Sexy Red Rose, Forever Young Rose, Hallelujah to say “forgive me”In these cases we can opt for white flowers as a symbol of peace, blue or yellow fit.Choose one of these and your “sorry” message will reach your heart.Vendela Rose, High & Pure Rose, Mayra White Garden Rose, White and Blue Tinted Roses, Deja Vu, Coral Reef Rose, Neptune Rose Tinted.Flowers for a Marriage ProposalMmmmmm … You guessed, yes, red roses again, in any case the symbol of eternal love will be the red rose.Flowers to Wish Good HealthHere the best ones are the sunflower for its vibrant color and for symbolizing the sun-giving king of life and energy, the daisies can also be for the exuberance of its to Cheer Up Obviously if what you want is to give encouragement you should opt for flowers with energetic and striking colors. Sunflowers are also ideal for this situation, the roses in our solar system collection certainly brighten anyone’s day.Solar System Collection, Airbrush Tinted to ImpressIf you go on a date for the first time and want to make a great impression.With that make a part of your personality known: you are cheerful and natural because you would like a bouquet of spring tones; a bouquet of roses regardless of their color will show you as someone elegant and classic; or a well designed bouquet to publicize your modern and sophisticated style.There are many flower options and they can certainly fit in any situation if you know how to give them in a timely manner, either because of their color or shape, in Magnaflor we help you choose the best and most successful option.

Credit: Vivian Bermeo