Go Green At Work With Wholesale Flowers

Offices Can Go Green And Always Be In Bloom

Houseplants can remove up to 87% of toxins in the air within a 24 hour period. So, with the corporate environment being notoriously stuffy at times, creating a green space at your office might be a step in the right direction towards fighting the toxins caused by indoor pollution. Some companies may not understand that bringing plant life or color into an office space is a viable option to create a more healthy, productive, and attractive space for their employees. Read on to learn why greenery is a healthy option for your business.

Why Go Green At Work?

Unfortunately many offices have poor ventilation, and rely on powerful air conditioning which allows germs to spread quickly. Also, chemicals used or found in an office may cause an array of health issues. Bringing nature indoors, can not only fight toxicity found in the office, but also create a space that allows people to relax and be inspired by nature. Studies have shown creativity and productivity increases by approximately 15% by having indoor plants.

Flowers To Enjoy Indoors

Most people have an image in their mind that office plants need to be green leafy plants. While plants like succulents, greenery and Philodendron are commonplace, some great flowers to use indoors are the Peace Lily and the African Violet. Both produce beautiful flowers, adding color to spaces. Other flowers which can add color and vibrance to an office are the Chenille plant, Shrimp plant, Flowering Maple, Lipstick plant, Anthurium, and orchids. All have separate needs for lighting and humidity, but if tended to regularly they will make the office area a bright oasis in the building. Offices will need to take into consideration employees who might have allergies; plants which bloom too much might not be a good fit.

Living Walls

These walls are panels of plants, grown vertically using hydroponics, and the structures can be either free-standing or attached to a wall. If used indoors the plants used are typically more tropical or ones frequently found in the southern parts of the United States. These plants offer the same benefits as potted plants or flowers, but they can reduce noise pollution and offer a eye catching accent to an office area. They take more work to maintain, but if taken care of properly, living walls can last up to possibly 20-25 years.

Research suggests having flowers and plants around you is good for your health and well-being. Each company’s needs vary, but flowers and plants can make a difference in the lives of employees. Creating an indoor ecosystem just might be the motivation employees need to succeed and thrive.

In MAGNAFLOR we truly believe that greens and plants can make your work environment much healthier and productive. With MAGNAFLOR you can look for the best option with our wide range of different varities you can choose from.


Credits: Cassie Steele

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