Good Neighbor Day Is Coming Up!

Good Neighbor Day Is Coming Up!

Stop asking yourself what gift is perfect to give on Good Neighbor Day? There are a lot of options you can give at the 28th of September, but one of the classics is giving a bouquet of flowers.

Good neighbors are hard to come by. We all know people who know people who have the neighbors from hell. So, if you have a good neighbor, it is very important to let them know how much you appreciate them. Think about it, some neighbors never say hello, some neighbors put trash on your lawn and some neighbors leave trash out on their own lawns. You also have the noisy apartment neighbors, the late-night reggae bumping neighbors and the pretentious snob neighbors. If you find kind and courteous neighbors you had better give thanks to your higher power, and buy them beautiful super premium Ecuadorian flowers.

There is no better way to let your neighbors know you got their back than giving them 50 stems of just about any fresh cut or tinted roses. We have quantity and quality so do not worry about the number of stems infringing on the quality. If you give 25 stems your neighbor will believe it to be a nice gift, but you give 50 stems or more your neighbor is going to know there is no question where they stand with you. They are going to know that you care for them and if they ever need a favor you will be the first to volunteer.It’s my pleasure to share with you some pictures of our offer at Magnaflor. Show your neighbor how much you appreciate them with yellow flowers. Yellow is a sign of friendship, these flowers are perfect for Good Neighbor Day.

Super Sun RoseTara MohanaHummerBrightonStardust RoseBikini

Credit: Mkt