Flower Therapy: The Secret Is The Color

flower therapy

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Recently studies at Rutgers University have determined that people that receive flowers experience an elevation in their mood that lasts for several days. The secret of this is their color. The colors create different frequencies of light which travel through the eyes. Once this stimulus is sent the neurotransmitters releases calming hormones, stimulating hormones and more. Below are some flower colors and types of flowers to enjoy the flower therapy.

Red Roses: Red roses are known for increasing energy. The color stimulates the adrenal glands and boost your energy. If you have someone around you that is lacking or energy we recommend you to give them some red roses to keep them happy and with an active mood.Irises: Irises are great for boosting your confidence. If you have someone in your life with self-esteem problems and anxiety, raise their confidence by giving them irises. The color indigo of irises stimulates the pineal gland. This gland helps to regulate the sleep patterns and will help you to without any worries.

Bluebells: Bluebells are flowers that will help you to have a good night sleep. This flowers produces melatonin and will help you relax your body.

Sunflowers: Sunflowers help you to keep yourself alert from the things that surrounds you. The color yellow will help you be more optimistic because we associate it with the sun’s light rays.

Orange Daisies: It must sound incredible but orange daisies help you strength your immune system and prevent allergies. The color orange will stimulate your digestive system and your sexual organs.

Lilacs: Lilacs are perfect for reliving stress. The color purple will help you balance your metabolism and allevianate your worries. So, if any of your significant other is experienxing an stressing moment in their life, we encourage you to give them some violet lilacs.We hope you will give this flower therapy a try. Please let us know your results!Relax – Refresh – Recharge with Magnaflor

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