Create Your Easter Moment


Easter is right around the corner.

This year let be your one place to shop for beautiful Easter flowers.Baby’s Breath or Gypsophila, is wonderful as an adornment to a greater arrangement or just perfect all by itself. Magnaflor has the classic white versions as well as other traditional Easter colors like purple, lavender, yellow, light orange and light pink. Baby’s Breath is gentle enough to accompany a greater arrangement and stunning enough to capture a moment all on it’s own.Roses are also a wonderful choice for Easter. At Magnaflor we offer the super premium Ecuadorian classic rose varieties in yellow, peach, lavender and pink, and we also offer pink and white garden roses. The garden roses are extremely special. They have a gentle but unique bloom with a fierce and sweet smelling fragrance. Garden roses are highly sought after and always draw attention from discerning eyes.White, Blue and Magenta Hydrangeas are always a great choice for the Easter. Magnaflor always has farm fresh, premium Hydrangeas for your Easter arrangement. You may find Hydrangeas at your local florist, but you should import your flowers from Ecuador. The most beautiful and strong Hydrangeas come from Ecuador, and for Easter you must get the best. Hydrangeas are great standing alone, or augmented with Eucalyptus and/or Baby’s Breath.Easter is a great time to spend time with family and friends. Many will host a lunch or breakfast.

Ordering super premium flowers from Ecuador will help make the moment something your guests will never forget. The pinks, the yellows and the lavenders will bring that perfect Easter moment into being. All of the children running around, all of the adults in their best clothes, sipping on mimosas and eating a nice Easter ham. Imagine that your table has a beautiful centerpiece that contains all of these beautiful pastel colored flowers. It will simply take everyone’s breath away.Don’t forget to take a look at all of our greenery selection. You have all the materials to create your Easter moment. Wholesale bulk roses are shipped to you in a manner that will keep your Easter roses fresh!References: Austin Stewart