The Best Flower Food – Make Your Own

best flower food for fresh cut flowers

Flower Food – DIY at Home

Everybody loved getting flowers, but if you want them to last longer, you need the best flower food, that now you can DIY at home!It’s very important to give floral food to your flowers if you want them to last longer. With Magnaflor it is our pleasure to share some tips of Floral Food with ingredients you probable have at home. There are several ingredients that you can use:1 teaspoon sugar, the sugar will provide nutrition for your flower1 teaspoon bleach, will prevent bacteria growth in the vase 2 teaspoons lemon or lime juice will act as an acidifier and will low the ph level of the water.1 quart lukewarm water, experts recommend always to use lukewarm water to help the stems drink faster.

On arrival of the flowers due to the absorption of water and temperature change, the flowers will extend. Keeping the cardboard on; the flowers will extend with a straight stem.

To make sure a long vase life, you can also sterilize the vase you’re using, you can disinfect the vase with bleach and water. You can also change the water and trim the stems daily, and keep the flowers out of the direct sunlight.Remove any unnecessary leaves because they will accelerate dehydration of the flowers. Specially trim the leaves which would below the water line. The wet leaves encourage microbial growth that can make rot your flowers faster.

Giving the flowers floral food can help keeping the flowers fresh but also cutting the stems at an angle will help the flowers absorb the flower food and water.

Flowers directly from the farms have still their protecting exterior petals around; in the retail they plug them out. These petals are normally harder and darker due to the sun during the growing process of the roses.Make sure to follow these instructions for the best flower food.


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